Wonderful church event

A special event for our church: Brother JONH ILCU, the elder of our church received a wonderful recognition from our zonal Baptist Association

A few months ago, we have had a wonderful event in our church from Mihail Kogalniceanu. Brother JOHN ILCU, an elder of our church, received from our zonal Baptist Association a diploma of ”older man worthy of respect”, a special recognition for his ministry work in our church for years. It has been a great joy for him and the whole church rejoiced with him that day for his work from the beginning of the church (26 years ago).

Brother JOHN ILCU had many problems in the communist period and suffered a lot for the Lord’s ministry. He was arrested because of his faith in Christ and the communist authorities confiscated some Christian literature from his house and radio because he listened daily to Christian radio programs from Europe. In the evening, in Romania we had a Christian radio program from Monte Carlo Radio Station and every Sunday with Joseph Ton.

Two or three times a week, brother JOHN ILCU and his wife, ILEANA ILCU went to visit various families to challenge them to listen the God’s word. Because of these activities, he was arrested and the communist authorities confiscated his radio.

We are grateful to God for people like brother John Ilcu and his wife, Ileana (Helen)


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